Clinical Trials / Studies


Osteosarcoma Trials

 We are now enrolling dogs into 2 fully funded osteosarcoma trials:
1. This trial is fully enrolled. Evaluation of an osteosarcoma vaccine.  Eligibility: Dogs with histological diagnosis of osteosarcoma, treated with amputation and then with 4-6 doses of carboplatin (patients accepted even if surgery and chemotherapy were done elsewhere) and free of metastatic disease. 
--Please call Oncology Services at 858-875-7500 with any questions.

2. Evaluation of novel immunotherapy for canine osteosarcoma to follow amputation.  Patients must have oncology consult prior to amputation as tumor tissue must be collected at the time of surgery (it is possible surgery can be done elsewhere however with coordination).  It is expected that dogs will be referred for this consultation based on only a radiographic presumption of osteosarcoma, therefore a definitive diagnosis is not required prior to consult.  

--Please call Oncology Services at (858) 875-7500 or (760) 466-0600 with any questions.

 Novel immunotherapy for MEASURABLE canine oral melanoma.

Fully funded.

--Please call Oncology Services at (858) 875-7500 or (760) 466-0600 with any questions.

Lymphoma Trials

We are now enrolling eligible canine participants with peripheral lymph node lymphoma in a new study to evaluate the benefit of corticosteroids. To be eligible to participate in the trial, a lymphoma diagnosis has to be confirmed or must be highly suspected and chemotherapy treatment declined. Eligible dogs cannot have received any steroids before enrollment. The study provides FREE palliative prednisone.

--Please call Oncology Services at (858) 875-7500 or (760) 466-0600 with any questions.

Internal Medicine

Clinical Trial for Diabetic Dogs

*NEW* VSH is participating in an exciting new clinical trial using a novel stem cell therapy to resolve diabetes mellitus in dogs! Dogs must weigh 5 to 12 kg, and be free of significant other systemic illnesses, on insulin (preferably Vetsulin), and at least partially controlled. Owners must be willing to perform glucose curves at home (with training), and to reliably bring the dog in for follow-up visits over 3 years. All study-associated costs are covered for the study duration (labs, procedures, insulin, glucometer, exams, etc.), including the initial screening visit, so we encourage any potential candidates to come in for formal screening.

--Click here for additional details or call (858) 875-7500.

Feline IBD/GI Small Cell Lymphoma Study and Proteomics Study.

We are enrolling cats with chronic gastrointestinal disease that are suspected of having either inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or gastrointestinal small cell lymphoma (GI SC LSA). Endoscopy will be performed and GI biopsies will be obtained for histopathology, immunohistochemistry (IHC) and PCR for antigen receptor rearrangements (PARR). A 3 week follow-up will be required.  Blood, urine, and fecal samples will be collected for proteomic analysis at the time of endoscopy and follow-up visit. The cost of the histopathology, IHC and PARR is funded. GI panel is also funded by the proteomic study.
- For more information, please ask your family veterinarian to contact Drs. Betty Chow or Steve Hill at (858) 875-7500 to discuss details and eligibility prior to you scheduling a consultation.

Glucocorticoids and spec cPL study

Patients who will be started on glucocorticoids (minimum dose of 0.5mg/kg/day) and will need to be on them for at least 3 weeks. Patients will receive a spec cPL prior to administration of any glucocorticoids and at least 3 weeks after starting glucocorticoid therapy at no charge. Patients are being enrolled in North County and Sorrento Valley.

--For more information please contact Internal Medicine at (858) 875-7500.

Glomerular Disease Study

VSH is participating in a multi-center prospective study evaluating increased dosing of enalapril in dogs with glomerular disease. Client incentives include reduced cost of some initial testing and no cost for scheduled recheck visits and tests.

--For more information please contact Internal Medicine at (858) 875-7500.


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