Careers at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital

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The Veterinary Specialty Hospital Experience

The Veterinary Specialty Hospital (VSH) provides 24-hour emergency care to dogs, cats, and other pets in the Sorrento Valley and San Marcos areas. We constantly strive to push industry standards by utilizing the latest techniques and technology with the best client service in CA. A strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration lends itself naturally to an exceptional experience for our patients, their owners, referring veterinarians and the rest of our community. 

The Latest Technology

Both our San Diego and North County locations use the latest equipment. You'll have access to high-end CAT scans, MRIs, digital radiography, radiation therapy, ICU, surgical suites, endoscopy equipment, ultrasound machines and much more. You'll use these tools alongside our staff of doctors, technicians, and client service representatives, who all have extensive training and exceptional compassion for all of the pets we treat.

An Emphasis on Teamwork

The Veterinary Specialty Hospital collaborates with the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine to provide the San Diego area with rare and specialized treatments. These include cardiology, pharmacy, clinical nutrition, and hemodialysis. We are also immensely proud of the communal environment at VSH. The entirety of our staff contributes to our founding values, has the opportunity to grow in their careers, gets to experience a sense of purpose in their work, and surround themselves with bright and challenging peers.

Compassionate Care for Pets and Clients

We hold ourselves to the same standards as the most advanced and effective human medical facilities. In doing so, we ensure the highest-quality specialty care for pets in the San Diego area. We create exceptional client relationships and provide compassionate care for our animal patients. As many of us are pet owners, we treat each case with same care and effort we'd expect for our own pets. 


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