Veterinary Emergency Hospital Services

If you find that your pet is in need of urgent or critical care, please call our emergency veterinary care numbers below or visit one of our locations:


If your dog or cat is sick or injured, we understand that this may be a stressful and difficult time for you. Veterinary Specialty Hospital's Emergency and Critical Care department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide emergency veterinary care and services when you need it the most. We always have experienced emergency clinicians on duty and are fully-equipped to handle diverse medical and surgical emergencies. We offer the most current technological services in a personalized environment where we treat our patients and their families in a caring and professional manner.

Please browse our resources to help you recognize urgent problems with your pet. We also have an extensive array of emergency veterinary tips and advice online to help you manage your pet’s condition until you can bring them in for treatment with one of our experienced 24-hour emergency veterinarians. Please give us a call to learn more about our emergency veterinary services!