As we gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, many of us also want to include our dogs and cats in the festivities. Unfortunately, what’s delicious and safe for us to eat, is often dangerous for our pets. From a simple stomachache to more severe complications that can lead to surgery or even death, please follow some simple tips to keep your pets safe this Thanksgiving. If you must include your pet in the celebrations, boil them some turkey meat in plain water. 

You can also give them some cooked yams but hold the butter and spices. Although it often seems our dogs (much less our finicky cat friends) can and will eat anything; we have to be careful that they don’t. They are not used to lots of fat and rich foods in their diets. Too much can lead to a serious medical condition called pancreatitis. Cooked poultry bones are among the most dangerous items for both cats and dogs. Another surprising danger is raw bread or cookie dough. Just as we see it “rise” in the oven; it will do the same in the stomach.

Dr. Jack Gedymin, one of Veterinary Specialty Hospital’s ER doctors, stopped by the KUSI studio to discuss Thanksgiving pet safety tips. Watch the video here:

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We wish all your family, both the 2 and 4-legged members, a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!