Learn about Dry Eye from Emily Moeller, DVM, DACVO
What is dry eye? 
The surface of the eye is covered with tears that are produced by glands located around the eye.  Tears provide oxygen, sugar, proteins, and healing factors to the surface of the eye.  Dry eye is a disease of low tear production. 
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Sarah Cocker, DVM
Residency Trained in Internal Medicine
Raw meat-based diets (RMBD), is an emerging trend with pet owners. Raw meat-based diets are those that contain uncooked or undercooked food animal species that are fed to dogs and cats. These diets can be found commercially or prepared at home and some are stored frozen or freeze-dried. People in favor of RMBDs view them as natural and closer to what a wild dog or cat would eat. 
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Due to the amazing generosity of so many wonderful members of our community, 8,915 pounds of pet food and $1,145 in cash was donated to our 2017 Holiday Pet Food Drive! It was our second largest drive to date. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s kindness including the support from many of our referring partners for reaching out to their clients and placing bins at their hospitals. 

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