Enzo is a 9-year old male Rottweiler. I started treating him when he was only 3 and his saga began. He developed Leptospirosis, a severe community-acquired kidney infection that causes acute kidney failure. With treatment, Enzo survived this infection. Unfortunately, the kidney damage was so severe that a full recovery was not possible and he has had chronic kidney disease since that time. It is a small miracle that Enzo is still with us today as it is almost unheard of for a dog to survive this length of time with kidney failure. 

Over the last 6 years, Enzo has had several other health issues as well. He had inflammatory bowel disease in which he needed gastrointestinal endoscopy and prostate disease which required abdominal surgery. At this date, Enzo’s kidney failure is severe but he continues to beat the odds, maintain his weight, and he has a great quality of life.

His owners, Mark and Vanessa, are tremendously dedicated to Enzo and he is clearly an important family member. Enzo is one of my favorite patients and Mark and Vanessa are among my most special clients. It is a privilege to treat Enzo and celebrate this birthday!

Dr. Steve Hill, Internist