New Logos and Hospital Materials are on the Horizon

In December 2015, Veterinary Specialty Hospital merged with three other specialty and emergency hospital groups across the country to form a new organization. We named ourselves Ethos Veterinary Health

From the beginning, our goal has been to leverage our passion and collective expertise in veterinary medicine to provide the best care possible to to our 4-legged friends.  Joining forces with these other hospital groups allows us to continue to be independently-owned concentrating on the medicine and advancing the science around veterinary care for the benefit of all of our beloved pets.  

In June 2016 we rolled out a new hospital logo with a “by Ethos” tagline for each of our 14 Ethos hospitals. This was always intended as an interim step while we developed the Ethos Veterinary Health brand assets and aligned our hospital teams around this new name and identity.

Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital in Denver, CO kicked off the rebrand in March followed by IVG Hospitals in the Northeast in June.  Veterinary Specialty Hospital and Premier in Chicago began phase II recently, and seeing the new materials start to become a reality is incredibly exciting.

What you will see:

  • New Hospital Logos – we are not changing the hospital name
  • New Business Cards
  • New Magnets
  • New Counter Cards
  • Combined Social Media Accounts (on Twitter and Instagram) - see below. Our hospital Facebook pages will not be changing.

Sneak Peak

Our materials will start to look a little different, but it is still the same team behind everything. You will start to see new colors, new imagery and a new logo. We hope that when you see the final products that it excites you as much as it does us!


We are being environmentally and cost conscious as we roll out these new materials, so look for a slow rollout rather than a switch-flip. There will be several months where both logos are being used concurrently in our printed materials.

We’d also love your help! Please share our rebrand on your social media today!

Our Social Media Channels:


Veterinary Specialty Hospital

Instagram: @ethosvethealth

Twitter: @ethosvethealth


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