Due to the amazing generosity of so many wonderful members of our community, 8,915 pounds of pet food and $1,145 in cash was donated to our 2017 Holiday Pet Food Drive! It was our second largest drive to date. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s kindness including the support from many of our referring partners for reaching out to their clients and placing bins at their hospitals. 

Internally, the staff at VSH held a competition by forming teams, to see which team could collect the most using their personal network of family & friends. For the second year in a row, Team Neuro in Sorrento Valley won collecting 1,346 pounds of food!

The Jacobs-Cushman San Diego Food Bank supplied the red barrels at both our hospital locations and also to our referring partners, making several visits to empty the barrels as the lobbies started to overflow with pet food. At the end of the drive, they used their extensive network of area charities to distribute the donations to San Diego families in need.

Translating pounds into meals, the Food Bank bases their calculation on human consumption as follows: 1 meal = 1.2 pounds. The total pounds collected for the Pet Food Drive (inclusive of physical and monetary donations): 15,785 pounds (13,154 meals)! If you think of the smaller bellies of most our animal friends, the meal count would actually be much higher. 

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s support for the success of our 2017 Holiday Pet Food Drive to help keep pets and their families together. Thank you!