Can dogs & cats donate blood?

Did you know dogs and cats can donate blood just like you do?

Food Delivery

Our Home Delivery program is a simple way to ensure your pet has the proper food delivered directly to your home.

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Prescription Refills

Our prescription refill process makes it easy for you to get your pet's medicine. Just fill out our online form and your prescriptions will be refilled automatically.

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Clinical Trials

VSH offers many courses and seminars and the hospital is currently collaborating in several clinical studies with researchers across the country. .

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Members of our email list get access to the VSH "connected" newsletter that contains articles and important educational information about pet care.


You Gave us Our Life Back

I’ve asked my vets a lot of questions over the years. Here’s one I never thought to ask: “Who do you trust to take care of your pets?
A dog recovering post-surgery
Client Testimonials

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Veterinary Referral Partner Network

The VRPN is network of veterinary professionals. It was created to continue strengthening the relationship between VSH and our referring community.

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